Let us tell our story to those who are interested in knowing how we got together.

We are met each other 5 years ago in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore.

Kenny was then 23 and Karen, 19.

Our first meeting

It was the afternoon on the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year in 1997. Kenny was on the way home from Poly onboard a SBS 61 double-decker bus. From the rear end of the top deck, he saw Karen crossing the road. Just then, it seems to be unexplained of Kenny to wave "Hi". Of course, Karen was stunned and puzzled but she continued to cross the road.

How it started

During the fifth week of March, it was really a coincident that we would take the same lift everyday to go for our classes. Finally we had our 1st conversation on 27 March 1997, outside the tutorial rooms at Level Six, Centre for Computer Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Since we have never been introduced before, the first question naturally was "What's your name huh?"… From then on, we became to be friends and gradually as an item. ^_^

Like many others, our relationship had its ups and downs - quarrels, "fights", and disagreements... It wasn't smooth sailing from the beginning… but we have definitely vowed to make it last.

5 years had passed and we had overcame all these numerous obstacles...

The Proposal

We arranged to go to this faraway place with really beautiful beaches together with Kenny's ex-colleagues. It was only hours before the departure that Kenny decided to have the proposal done there.

The greatest challenge then was to buy a ring of the right size for the proposal. Armed with a credit card, Kenny sets out to look for the ring. Like a crazy fellow, he visits all the jewellery shops nearby his office, looking for prefect ring. Finally he found it and of course, bought one with the correct size!

At 2020hrs of 27th April 2001, Kenny then proposed to Karen at a faraway place - away from the boring Singapore (:p). And of course, surprised Karen was totally touched. Elated on the spot, she finally agreed almost immediately. *blush*

The Wait

We did not give our pledge any date because we wanted to wait for a memorable date to remember. We couldn't make up our mind… too many good dates to choose from.

On 24th Nov 2001, we decided to go to the Registry Of Marriages to get our ROM date.

The ROM Day, 20th February 2002

We arrived at the Registry of Marriage by 7.30am. We had to reach there early because the troublesome bride (:p) had to put on makeup and to prepare a nice hairdo for the event.

Amidst the waiting, the Bridegroom was slowly joined by friends who graced the event with their distinguish presence.

By approximately 9.15am, we were inside the Cherish room, preparing for the solemnization. In that little while, we had pledged to care for each other in sickness and in health...blah blah blah. And we were then pronounced husband and wife. ^_^

The Customary, 5th October 2003

After we had finished our studies, we decided it was time to hold our customary wedding. We ponder on whether to hold the wedding dinner. After much thoughts and disagreements, we decided to go ahead with the wedding dinner.

Once the decision had been made, we decided to look for a geomancer to select a good date for the customary wedding.

Around 2 weeks later, we got our dates. "Armed" with the dates, we decided the next step is to look for a dinner venue. We were disappointed again and again when the restaurants/hotels that we wanted are all been booked for the dates that we had. So in the end, we went back to the geomancer to ask for more dates for the other months.

Finally, we were able to get a place that was free on our date. Meritus Mandarin Singapore.

And we shall live happily ever after .... ^_^

Feel free to visit the Gallery to take a look at the pictures taken during the ROM and some of our photoshoot photos. It will also include photos for the making of our home sweet home. And we had included a Gratitude section to express our heart-felt gratitude to our family, relatives and friends who had helped us in one way or another.

Thanks for visiting our humble home...^_^